Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swedish Designer's Home: Marie Olsson Nylander

Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander's quirky and original digs have been featured on many different
 webs and blogs, and most recently, it is again featured on a Swedish web site where it is posted and  currently
  up for sale.

The seaside 70's home, located in Arild, Sweden was converted by Nylander and her husband and eclectically
 styled using some vintage pieces, art collection,  tapestries and artful vignettes.

As showcased above,  the well warm piece of furniture with plenty of drawer space becomes an  island,
dwarfed, yet not swallowed up, by the bottleneck green urn housing a giant jungle plant.

I first set eyes on   dining area above the desk below on  variety of internet sites where
 I  fell head over heels in love with the designer's  'look'.  

A unique mix of vintage and modern (like the office plexi-glass chairs) makes everything here sing.

The fantastic desk area that first caught my attention a few months ago, allows for plenty of desk space for a duo !

Artful display of posters, and glove molds.

 The well warn closet door creates a pretty backdrop and vignette next to a deep armchair.  Ideal for a magazine 
or good book and a few minutes of repose.

A wide eyed view of the first floor, including the circular staircase leading to the attic.
Although the background  is chalk white there are definitely pops of color like the electric blue dining chairs, arm
 chair as well as the  turquoise island.   

The landing on the second floor.


A workhorse of a  chunky desk next to the sloping attic ceiling.

The spacious second floor with its' high ceiling.

Nothing is understated here, the size of the floor lamp just amplifies the space. 
 Tapestries on floors and walls along with velour cushions just invite one to sit and stay a while.   

Another cozy nook next to a bucket shaped chair.

Sunset couldn't come early enough in a setting like this!

Affordable?  I have no clue, but I sure would want a chance to live here!
Wouldn't you?


Tara Michaels NY said...

What an amazing place! The ingenious mixing and matching and he worn pieces look like you're in a well used and much loved home.

Tara Michaels - NYork.

Unknown said...

Amazing... I am not really a white wall person, but all the touches of colour make me wonder whether I should rethink my white vs colour walls. What a amazing designer!

Unknown said...

I love these images. So inspiring!

Tangled Cobweb said...

Your blog is worth following.

I love the layout and the ideas in the pictures are fantastic.

This is the kind of blog I like.

See you over at Bloggers.

Tangled Cobweb said...

I knew she would have good taste.

Certainly knows how to put a room together.

The view is fabulous.

What really caught my eye was the oversized painting of the Penguin Book cover - I want it!