Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Get Swanky!

A virtual spin around actor Hillary Swank’s chic Manhattan apartment
 will fill you with a sense of elegance yet comfort.

These city digs, designed by Mark Zeff, are a study in mixing it up and a
 tool in how you can re-create this look by doing a high low trick! 
Truly a way to go for the average person, with a tightly wound 
pocket book like your and mine!

I can’t help but envy the vintage Moroccan pillows or Calvin Klein Home sofa,
 but don’t get too downtrodden, there are ways to get around the price tag.
With some ingenuity, you too can have a dreamy styled place!

How? Well, we can all afford things like this delicious wall colour by
 Benjamin Moore - Dark Olive, which drenches the walls in the study,
 or the floor lamp snatched up for a song at West Elm.

The desk space can be re-created easily using inexpensive do it yourself pieces from Ikea. I’ve seen something very similar there!
 Even the custom made paneling using re purposed wood can be yours
 for the price of a trip to a supplier,
or a jaunt to farm country to hunt for old barn wood.

See! You too can have “swanky”. Albeit, on a dime with some ingenuity mixed in!



Catherine Fishback said...

So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Following you now!

FEST (food, style, travel)

Idea Interiors Mtl said...

Love it! :)

Véronique Dubois said...

Had not seen this... What a great apartment. I loooove the living room!

Idea Interiors Mtl said...

Keep zooming in - will post more celebrities homes - you gotta see some of these places!

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