Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chalkboard Madness - Ideas for writing on the wall

I have been so enamored by the look of chalkboards that I have been tempted to paint one of my walls 
 in my loft an ebony color and just go crazy! Luckily the idea of painting 13 foot walls is challenging
 enough that I have talked myself out of it time and again.

Instead  I console myself by frequenting   a terrific eatery in my hood which has giant chalkboards
 and while sipping a cafe, I can see the latest artistic endeavor of their art staff, who create
 bizarre sketches.  

So in order to quench my craving and desire to own one of these, I did a deep sea dive into google
 and came  up with these style beauties!    Amazingly there are so many different
 uses, that I myself was impressed by the variety of ideas for use of chalkboard throughout
 a home. Take a peek!

I adore the madness of this image, the 'scientific' like sketches and calculations, make me curious
 enough to want to put my nose up against that chalkboard and study!

This one is just too funny not to include :)

A fun efficient kitchen with stainless steel and chrome fixings.  An easy to recreate idea 
using many items from IKEA.  Love those clay vessels that contain the cutlery!

This ofcourse isn't an interior, but while browsing and hunting down some of these images I came
 across this fabulous company that creates the next few written chalkboards, Tanamachi Studio.
 These are definitely some mad skills they possess!  I am in awe of them.  You can visit their
 website and see a terrific video  here Time Lapse Video.

 Here sketches by this same company good enough to be art!  I 'd love this in my home!

Here an interesting bit of writing that doubles as art, and a headboard!  I guess there's no reading
 in bed though!

The next few images are the proverbial kitchen, where everybody wants to write down the next
grocery or to-do list, and then with the flick of a wrist, wipe it all away to start again tomorrow!

The chairs are to die for below. Industrial and indestructible.

Another cool idea is sketching on the board, here for example picture frames are drawn by hand.

The entire sink area is impressive, but gotta love these fish - sketched in with some colored chalk.

Here a two for one deal, a magnetic chalk board - it's all in the paint!  Easily do-able with a 
single paint roller or brush.  Enamored by the over-sized board here!

Painted furniture can be done in chalk paint - did you know?  These guys did!
There is no limit to what you can write on these pieces of art, poetry, letters, the alphabet,
 important dates?  Endless fun and versatility.


                                                 Great for a kids room or den. Doodles for the  little tykes - or fun for a party!. 

I think the next few are genius instead of the writing on the wall, they've done imaginative
 sketches.  I have done this by using a projector myself and tracing out easy to do images.
 A bicycle  flower, or even the umbrella are easily do-able for those of us who are artistically
 challenged.  A projector solves the dilemma and makes you a master Michelaengelo!

The ultimate home office - or desk area for kids, who needs post-its after this?

So now you can read the writing on the wall - and then start over with a clean slate tomorrow -
 a brand new creative day!



Linda L. said...

This is an amazing collection of chalkboards. Great to see all these ideas in one place.

Thanks for this!

Noodles. D said...

Very very cool and such a huge variety - feast for the eyes!

Great post!


MK Slagel said...

These are some great ideas. I will definitely share this article with my sister who is opening a new boutique in March. She has been looking for some fun, quirky ways to set it up and I think the chalkboard furniture would be a great way to display some of her products. Thanks!

Kelly Wade said...

I think its a cool idea to paint a portion of a wall with chalk paint, especially in a kitchen, kids room or play room. I don't know how I feel about an entire wall from floor to ceiling being black and then having chalk marks on it. Having some space to be creative and change whats going on the room from day to day is a really interesting idea though! Especially if you're creative enough to make it look good.

Jeri said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post! I've often thought of giving this a try on a wall, but never got around to it. I think if I had kids I would definitely try it. The idea of painting a chest of draws like the example picture is pretty neat.

Morgan Decker said...

Amazing post! I am also obsessed with chalkboard paint (I'm an art major) and I have used it on a couple of different items in my home. I've never tried to encounter an entire wall (I feel like that could get messy!) but I did paint the cabinets of my kitchen to easily write recipes and grocery lists and a stop sign that was given to me by a friend that I keep by my back door!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the very first picture... I want to go out and do that to my room now! These pictures are beautiful and inspiring... you have a good eye! looking forward to more posts. - ms

Laura Sherman said...

Wow, what a gorgeous post. I love the pictures! I never considered making a chalkboard the center of a room design, but it is a brilliant idea. It would be perfect for young children too. Large chalkboards covering their room walls. Definitely food for thought!

Stefania said...

Grazioso blog, ciao

Susan Cooper said...

I too love chalkboards. It takes me back to early times when you had them in school and had to dust the erasers... :). I loved your collection. My favorite was the chest of drawers. That was just the coolest. :)