Monday, February 25, 2013

Size matters: Over Sized Art Work!

My friends make fun of me, cause I love all things oversize. If I wear a necklace it's bold and makes a statement, a ring
 might look like a space ship has landed on my finger, my couch is huge and invites you to linger, my dining table massive.

Of course my artwork can't be puny! 
 I guess, for me, size does matter!

Lots of people are afraid of big furniture or art work in their home. 
 The strangest thing is that even in a small room a large piece of furniture might
 just make the room appear larger than it actually is!  For example, if you have  high
 ceilings  as I do, a tall cabinet appropriately placed has the effect of drawing one's eye 
upward and away from the small footprint of the room. Don't cram the room with too much,
and if placed  appropriately it will shine as a  focal point and also fool the eye.

These wild horses by famed New York photographer Robert Dutesco, are perfectly proportioned
above these sleek lined lounge chairs.  The furniture doesn't compete with the artwork,
nor vice-versa, it all works together.

When framing large works of art, your pocketbook goes through a beating, this ingenious 
print was framed using simple black plastic stripping that''s nailed into the wall.
  Inexpensive and almost invisible.

Don't be afraid to 'hide' part of your artwork behind a showpiece like this swivel 
egg shaped leather chair.  The over sized art, creates the perfect backdrop for this
 jewel of furniture.

Again the piece of furniture is grounded by the artwork, it works in unison to create an
 enormous yet welcoming vignette.

I recently decided to create my own piece of art work which can be seen here, and I 
admit I am not an artist, I was just trying to create inexpensive over sized art work. I
 simply created a tableau by stretching  a piece of canvas then primed it for painting.  Any art 
shop will tell you how you can do this.  I then used the same hues and  leftover latex paint that I 
had used to paint my home.   I just went ahead and played with large swooshing motions,
 and after 'learning to let go' created a unique piece of work.

Both above and below an oversize photograph is used to create a backdrop in these 
black and white settings.

A modern, minimalist look works just as well with over sized art as shown here.

Set in an Art Deco building in the heart of Upper West Side sits one of the homes of 
Donna Karan, which houses this gorgeous piece of art work above. 

 The size of this ripe orange art is an ideal example of how to fill an empty 
space, make a statement and yet, not go overboard with too many cumbersome
 pieces that don't allow the piece to breath.

Note how this nude above creates height, making the room appear even taller by drawing the eye upward.

Above, height, is again created by using a tall piece of artwork above a chunky piece of furniture.

Below a simple piece of wallpaper is used to create inexpensive art, in contrasting hues.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! big. Bold. Beautiful!-ms

Linda D. said...

Duh! Goooooorrrgeousssss!!!
Love these huge frames. I am inspired by what you wote to make one too now!

Rania said...

Amazing settings!

Amy said...

Amazing! The Robert Dutesco work made the entire room feel alive!

Amy said...
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Wendy said...

I'm a big fan of large scale pieces in the home. I've been searching for something for our walls... thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

wow - what part of the world are you in? Love to have you do my place!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! thanks for the inspiration!

khoukla k houkla said...

always love your posts! gorgeous photos!

khoukla k houkla said...

vava va vooooon!

Lisbeth @ said...

YES! I agree with you. I prefer few and big, rather than half size scattered all over the walls. Cheers, Lisbeth

Veronique Rousseau said...

This really inspires me to redecorate a few spaces at home. Thanks for sharing this great blog post.

Ourania Atsaidis said...

Just love this post.....especially the one of brought back lots of my childhood memories and my summer loves.....thank-you for letting me relive these memories....