Friday, March 22, 2013

How to create a gallery wall with frames | Idea Interiors

If you're like the average person, you are probably stumped by this one.
The magazines make it look so easy, the designers have a knack for it, even
 the boutiques and hotels have a way of placing frames just right.

I have plenty of  frames with gaping  holes behind them, luckily I am the only one who knows they are there!

I did some digging and found some useful tools for you all to use and abuse, so that your walls do not look like they've been riddled by machine gunfire!  
I put together some terrific links to tools sources that can help you layout your frames 
Pottery Barn   Another Reason to Smile,    Ann Beck Photography. 
Sapphire rain design guide,     Picture Wall Company - frames & templates

Visit Grady Bug Designs where you can source templates to help you with the daunting task.  I must admit there are more configurations for wall
 art that can be imagined, so here are some terrific images to inspire you to take action, and put up those frames as expertly as the pros do!

An interesting collection of prints are just as bold as this striped settee!

Above and below, the benches act like an anchor to the picture frames which would unmistakably float if they stopped at the height they are 
currently placed.  Beautiful vignettes in both of these settings.

Above, a mix of artwork, photos and sketches. I like the idea of the frames going above the door's threshold, 
drawing the eye up and through the doorway.

This is a favorite - empty frames.  Notice how they are thick and ornate, so that they take up a good chunk of the empty space and make a bold statement. 
Even if they are empty. they say,  I'm here!

These white frames have space between them that is consistent, even if not aligned to each other.
An interesting set of keys is included in the mix, mixing it up a little.  I find this a fascinating way to display mementos,
  perhaps baby's shoes, a piece of memorabilia too tiny to display elsewhere.  If combined with a meaningful photo has even more of a pull.

An unusual way to display artwork above, allowing for empty space to also make its own statement.

Artwork does not have to be forsaken in the kitchen either!

Sleek rails make for an easy way to prop photos by leaning them against the wall.  This takes the thinking out of aligning each frame, and also
 indulges you  to change your mind whenever you feel like it. You can re group these images easily,
not worry about making the holes, and change it up to your hearts' content!

A great opportunity to use your 'home's real estate', the hallway often goes bare and without much flourish.
Here it has plenty of dazzle and drama, allowing the guest to linger while moving from one part of the house to another.
 It is an unencumbered space so it really does afford the gallery feel and look.

Note how low to the ground the lower railing is.  Use your space!

If you're like my sister, Rania, you want order in your home.  Some people just love symmetry and ofcourse what better way to show that
than in how you group your frames.  Great precision and care has to be taken in this case.  So give yourself plenty of time to set up,
 have all your tools handy, level, plugs, nails and screws and get to it.  Two heads are better than one, but make sure your
 partner is patient, because this is not a job for the faint of heart!

The only guest not wowed by this gallery as you see would be a cat!

Above a large map, divided into 6 equal parts, makes for an inexpensive piece of artwork and also brings the color blue to it's full potential.

The paneling here affords enough real estate for picture frames, and also does double duty by creating the alignment itself.

Nothing is more compelling than floor to ceiling galleries, here again the hallway or landing is easily transformed into an art gallery.
I love the composition - very little space between the photos but the alignment of them on the top and bottom.
 Still symmetrical but within it's borders affords some creativity for the playful personality, like mine!

I fell in love with this setup, bright candy apple red frames with black and white prints.  
Drama for hallway and also for the artwork.  
 Lighting sets the mood in the evenings and puts the focus on the images.

One of my absolute favorite images on the net is this one featuring the staircase.
Staircases are functional, but  this one does double duty.
 Here, it transports you upstairs in addition to providing up close and personal views
 of smaller images that might go unnoticed if placed too far away to approach.

Grab your hammer, nails and a friend and get to it!



Michelle Vintagecobweb said...

Just lovely.

I love heaps of photos, paintings and prints all hung together.

Good post, thanks for all the pictures, very inspiring as usual:)

....Petty Witter said...

Envious of such creative folks, how I wish I had an eye for such things.

Anna V. said...

So many great sources here! I am getting ready to post some prints in my bedroom and this will definitely help me!!! Thanks for a great blog!

Anna V.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you can still have a wall of interest without bold paint colours but simply making a photo framed wall.