Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mad Men Style; Mid-Century Modern Interiors Today

I don't know about you, but I have always felt that I was born in the wrong era.  
Being a baby boomer, I've always loved the 1940s and 1950s.  I guess
 my parents' glamour had something to do with it.   
As a little girl I'd eagerly watch my Mom don her wig, tailored dresses 
(that she'd sewn herself), and carefully apply her hip cool makeup.

I longed for the days when I could do the same.

I loved Swing and Crooner music way before it was 'cool to do so'.  
So when the HBO series Mad Men first aired, you can imagine my joy! 
Although the treatment of women as second class citizens clashes 
with my libertarian ideals,
 the drama of rat pack fashion, modern interiors and martinis just makes me swoon. 
  I will admit to Don Draper having the same affect on me, though I digress.

Today,  I have selected some interiors that hearkens to the Mad Men era. 
Mid Century modern with  a current modern 2013 twist.  

Drama in jewel tones.

The current IKAT print and muted tones make you want to purrrr.
Wood paneling hearkens to the past.

There is nothing in this snap shot that doesn't make me want to live here. 

 The humongous chandelier is just so vavavoom glamorous!

Mod rug and vibrant colors keep this look current and fresh.

 A dramatic chandelier - hung low - creates moody vibe.

Turquoise, clean lined vinyl sofa  and spark setting - simple yet alluring.

Gorgeous focal point, with  unusual overhead lighting.   
Makes you want to peek beneath!

You'd  think Dean Martin will crawl out of the wood work, both in the snaps shot above and below.

Spin some  Crooner LP's (did I say LP's?) and mix some  martinis in a  chill setting.

 The Saarison table, in white, pops against the peacock blue walls.
Fresh photography teases the eye upward.

Simplicity at its' best.  
Clean lined with hip lighting - today's styling with yesterday's  look.

Retro look  but with current  print and chandelier.  
  Rugs add punch.  Crisp and classic.



Michelle Vintagecobweb said...

Simply stunning Elena, I see a touch of art deco in a couple of photos.

I agree with you, I feel as though I was born in the wrong era, I wish I lived the nostalgic retro vintage era.

Anonymous said...

it's a mad mad world and i love it!!! always have, always will! - ms

Diane said...

Love the drama of Mad Men and your choices. In love with that dining room - the simple one! Gotta have it!


Steve said...

Beautiful pictures, checkout my latest post at
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Dan Meyers said...

Wow, really cool stuff! I didn't think I'd like the 40s/50s stuff, but it looks really good with the modern/retro look!