Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why not have a seat?

Have a seat why don’t you?

Can you imagine feeling blue in a chair like one of these?
in fact one of the chair companies that features some of these is called  The Happy Chair company!
Who can be unhappy in a chair built by the happy chair company? Nobody I think! 

Look at this painted chair and think work of art.  It almost looks lke it should be autographed.
I can’t help but want to buy all of these fab chairs! Their humor and vivacious energy makes me wish I could sit in them all day long! I bumped into them while of course surfing in one of my own armchairs - which dates back from the 70’s.
  The ubiquitous club chair from the dark wood paneled basement of my youth.

  I argued with my sister (not viciously) about who should get the chairs which were my mom's, and finally inherited them after she purchased her sectional and as luck wuold have it didn't have the room for them.  Hurrah for me.

 I guess dinner chairs two would have separation anxiety if they were split up!

 More from the Happy Chair Company above - happy happy happy.
 I gotta say - I’m in love with these fabulous funk-a-licious chairs.
Don't they look like bright Popsicles?


For those rooms that just need a little visual quiet time, here are two more serious versions,
albeit using some sort of grain sack fabric.
And ofcourse who wouldn't want to be knitting sweaters in, of all things, an armchair that's wearing its' own sweater!

This enthusiastic bold number makes you think of the color wheel coming alive.

Vibrant Suzanee's make up these two  bohemian styled chairs above and below.

A modern twist to patchwork here,  both in the arm chair and the love seat styled armchhair.

Below, this cradle shaped one reminds me of a sleigh.  Vibrant Peruvian styled patterns come alive here.

For delicately styled rooms and servings of crumpets and tea have a seat in this pretty patterned love seat for two.
Feast your eyes on this hipster - swinging updated seventies!
Gotta find me a dumpster to dive into to get me a freebie chair, so I can try this on my own.


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Linda D. said...

Am crazy about these chairs! I want one or ten!