Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wow - Home office in a tight space

Image from House and Home magazine - Michael Graydon

I must admit, that even as an addicted blogger and work from home employee, my home office isn't much to write about. 
 Let's just say I'm working on it!  I currently have a huge dining table smack in the middle of my loft where I do my work.

This gorgeous setup however, has won me over.  An industrial looking loft, that has taken full advantage of even its'
 front door!

This is agreat example of how we should take advantage of even the narrowest space, put some thought into it, and
 reap the benefits. It isn't a full working desk (ok I'm not that crazy!), but it does allow for a  quick email, some 
correspondence, and even some filing in the narrow lacquered cabinet which fits just so, allowing for plenty of room to walk
by without bumping into furniture.

The colorful runner and bright banana colored chair, allows for a punch of a hue, in an otherwise monochromatic, neutral scheme.

Love the composition.  Now, I gotta think up a way to make this happen in my lofty space!




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