Thursday, March 7, 2013

Santorini - Mediterranean Island Magic

As a child of Greek immigrants, in my twenties I traveled with my sister and childhood friend to the Greek islands to explore
 more of the country that I had fallen in love with. We sailed on aged vessel on the Aegean,
 and docked in a dozen different ports.  

One of  those sojourns was the volcanic island of Santorini, mythical, mountainous, magical. 
 It is potent from the moment you step on it's shore. It beckons you to clamber onto it .
It hypnotizes you - don't ever leave.


As a child of Greek immigrants, being raised in Canada I always felt a quiet yet distinct
 gravitational pull to the sea. From my very first trip to Greece,
 I was a girl addicted to the sea. Always the sea.

It was by the sea that I learned to dive off the craggy rocks.  
The sea, where I learned to swim with mask and 
fins until my lips were blue and my skin was as wrinkled as my Yiayia Eleni's skin.
 It was by the sea that I had my first crush on Yanni,  
a boy from the neighborhood who built sand castles with me. 

 It was by the sea that I dreamed big and large, that I realized how small I was, how 
big the world was and how much of it still was out there to explore.
Those summers where I was fortunate enough to spend months with my cousins and 
favorite uncle, we all lived together  in a 500 square foot house, with 2 bedrooms.  
A total of 11 people including my grandmother, and not to mention the cat, Toto. 
 To me that little house was a fortress of love, and a mansion in my eyes.
Those summers are my most treasured memories of time.

Year after year, month after after, living far away from the ocean is like a slow torture. 
Time and again, I book yet another flight to some sunny destination.

Yet Greece is always in my heart, it's fragrant scents of Jasmine and Gardenia,
 its' heart  wrenching lyrics to music both nostalgic and modern, 
 its' voice dripping with passion and pain.
 It is in my blood, and much as I deny its' gravitational pull.  I am longing to go.

As you gaze through these photos, I am sure it will capture your heart too.  
You might think it's Photoshop, or it's a camera with a fantastic lens.
I assure you, its' beauty is as natural as it is seen here, only more mesmerizing.

It is beckoning you now.
Shhhh.  Do you hear it?



Michelle Vintagecobweb said...


I love those white washed walls and paths, they look so nice against the ocean.

You've made me want to visit.

What a beautiful place, thank you for sharing and the photos are fabulous.

Linda and Charles said...

What a beautiful blog. My husband and I were debating Greece for holidays this just helped us decide! Thanks! Linda and Charles

Rania - Elena's travelling sister said...

Elena, you made me cry reminding me of those summers with Uncle John. I miss those summers too.

Michelle Vintagecobweb said...

Hi Elena

If you would like to pop over to my blog sometime there is something waiting for you and there are no rules attached:)

....Petty Witter said...

Hi Elena, Stopping by from Michelle's Vintage Cobweb site. What an amazing post, it brings back so many memories of holidays spent on various Greek islands. Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed my visit. Best wishes, PW

Lisa said...

Hi, i'm stopping over from the Vintage Cobweb blog. Your blog is beautiful. I love the blue door with red flowers. ooooo it's beautiful!

Betty Manousos said...

what a spectacular!

i totally enjoyed your photos of santorini.
greek islands are the best not only in the summer but all year 'round.
thanks for promoting greece, elena.

great post and i love your blog!
the best,:)

david hain said...

No words to express..Simply beautiful

Betty Manousos said...

hi elena, thank you for the follow and the nice comment. following you right back!

have a great rest of your day.
big hugs~:)

Sandy M. said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you! :)

Mary C said...

Absolutely mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Zu said...

Love it!
We need to meet Koukla!!!

Veronique Dubois said...

Dreamy Elena...
The pictures are amazing and those blues... Amazing, just amazing!