Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black and White Interior Drama

 I do not know one single thing that can beat the drama of a black and white interior.
 It is dramatic yet simple,clean and classic, simple and sublime.
Ideal for showcasing  'art work' and 'photography' since it doesn't compete with additional colors.

It is easy to add one or two additional tones, anything from a pop of candy apple red,
to a bottle green.
Just like the little black dress, it can take you easily from one look to another.
  Lazy brunch to dazzling evening soiree.

Here are some inspirational looks, to get your dramatic ideas for your homes flowing.

 I have a glass table in my own home, enables the room to appear larger.
Here the chandelier choices make for a unique lighting feature.

Read the writing on the wall.
Using a projector, this is an easy way to add detail to the dullest wall.
Interesting choice of words, but even more interesting is the setting of the type onto the door!

Love the hounds-tooth pillows here!
 The cupboards look like they could have been school lockers.

Layer, layer, layer.  Just like location location location, goes to show you how you can show case
plenty of items by layering, and makes any setting a chock-full of interest for any eye.

In need of inexpensive artwork.
Create your own! I did one just like this one above.
You can even use left over latex paint from your last paint job.
Go for it!

A classic clean lined tufted sofa speaks volumes beneath the geometric lines of this artwork.
The black glossy doors draw the eye inward.
Clean and uncluttered it creates a serene look.

Brought to you by the letter Z.  Cool idea.
What's the worst that can happen.
 Cover it up with a layer of white, like it never happened!

You can never go wrong with black and white photography.
Even inexpensive simple frames will do.
The drama is in the photos themselves, the cluster here creates a gallery wall
that pulls you inward.  The unusual pieces of furniture also do a good job in
creating an artful look.

I love this look because it is up close and personal.
The coziness of the chairs and sofa, the flokati on the floor creates a feeling of
 intimacy, even if you're sitting at a party full of strangers.

The middle eastern leather pouffes are all the rage this year.
Medina style seating in an urban setting - I'm down with that!
 Or as my nephews would say - that's sick!

Not only is this kitchen clean lined but it is also super oversized and dramatic.
From the island looking dinner table,  that is massive and solid to the hourglass shaped overhead chandeliers.
Wow is a good word to use here!

 Did you notice that the coffee table is made out of a bunch of used boards?
 Possible from a palette and just has huge rollers screwed in.  
An easy do it yourself project. 
 Ideal of a loft that has rough bones or a terrasse in an urban setting.

Nothing is haphazard here, even though it looks easily thrown together.
The eye is busy taking all the beauty of this artful setting in.
Then it eases into it and surrenders.


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Veronique Dubois said...

Just loooove all these settings - black and white do create clean lines...
Thanks again for these wonderful ideas!