Friday, November 30, 2012

Refined Elegance

As usual, I am spending my hours pouring over photos and designers that I’ve recently gotten
acquainted with. Well, so what if it's in the virtual world? 
Here is  the impressive work of Philip Mitchell - of the eponymous firm  Philip Mitchell Design Inc,
established in 2004.  A fellow Canadian at that!

Once I started entering the world of PM Design I could hardly decide what to feature here.
 Some of his looks are so interestingly traditional - yet not overdone. 

Others are radically modern transitional. 


In the series I selected, you get the instant sense of Ralph Lauren attire, riding boots and jodhpurs,
perhaps warn by a young fresh Elizabeth Taylor. 
 That classic beauty with regal features would be perfectly at ease in these rooms. 
Come to think of it, I'd feel like Liz myself if I'd be sitting on this sofa myself!



Mitchell makes a room look like he put it together over a number of years, it looks well warn,
comfortable yet sophisticated.  
There is an air of history about his rooms. 
 They feel lovingly lived in, almost as if they have their own stories to tell.


Above he easily mixes two graphic prints in black and white against this more classic country
setting and they change the temperament of the room at once.  
Just a touch of something more edgy in a regal room.
 Some designers are masters at this.  
A picture really is worth a thousand words.   And lessons!

Yet another lovely mix - a high gloss white coffee table sits perfectly comfortably amongst these more traditional pieces.  Kudos to PM Design. 

 I guess my surfing did pay off this time around didn't it?   Time to put on those riding boots. Tally Ho chaps!


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