Friday, December 7, 2012

Make an entrance

Nothing is more welcoming at the entrance of a home than having a colossal console table. Well perhaps a hug and a kiss is more so, but second to that a big beauty like the one above, comes in a close second.Here are a few looks to give you an idea or two, to make your entrance a vision when your guests (even better you!) are greeted at the front door.

Almost a shaker like look to this table,
over sized mirror in the same chalkboard black.
The simplicity of this entry way makes clutter the enemy.
 Helps keep you on the long and narrow. 
 Natural looking sea grass rug is a great pairing here.


 This extra deep table top makes it easy to just put things
 down quickly before kicking
off your shoes and tackling tasks.


Isn't she a beauty in snow white?  And roomy drawers to boot!


I love the combination of the striped runner and the white walls. 
Did you notice the radiator incognito under that white grill work?
 Makes a great catchall for keys and stuff too!


A skirted stool allows for you to prop your laptop above this clean lined
well warn table and maybe type a word or two. 
Perhaps perch your tush, and change your flats to heels at the
 last minute before rushing out the door! 
That vibrant canvas brings the whole thing to life.

They say size doesn't matter. 
Well it does to me. 
Chunky over sized furniture is always my fave!

tumblr_lzmn9eJW011r1wpreo1_500 - Copy

Love these words, oh so true Miss Coco! 
Wall art instead of mirror, a twist on the expected.


Another vision in white/cream - elegant and sophisticated looking!

tumblr_lzzfjs5v8Z1r1wpreo1_500 - Copy

Small snapshot, but can't help but love the  combination
 with this lamp!   Glass bottle very interesting! 
Think about buying a jug and with some wiring - presto!


Be still my beating heart.  Love this look. 
The WOW factor is just right. 
Simple table, sparingly styled and the trellis like
pieces on either side are interesting and add
 another dimension as well as texture.
 Eclectic wouldn't you say?

For the fun of it, this little number,
an old office sideboard transformed with paint. 
All those drawers and sliding filing cabinets? 
Perfectly balanced with the industrial style black chair.

tumblr_lzzewjzhBo1r1wpreo1_400 - Copy
Books bundled together and tied with string makes
for an interesting conversation piece. 
Artwork wow factor here! 

A projector, a pencil and a few pieces
 of ply wood and this too could be yours.
 An easy graphic project like this could be done within a day.



Anonymous said...

Love this blog! Keep it up - enjoying every entry!


Anonymous said...

aaahhh!!!!! monday morning and already inspired.....just the way i like it..............wonderfull images, thanks

Anonymous said...

The black gumboots by the back door is my favorite! so simple and understated its got the Wow factor!! Love your site :-)