Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you!
Wishes for you and the best of all is to be.
 Remember to
 be grateful,
be kind,
 be loving, be good, be thoughtful, be truthful,
be faithful, be happy,
be in love, be love,
be touched,
 be surprised, be awed, be inspired, be inspiring,
 be simple, be inquisitive, be all that you can be,
 be colorful, be creative, be altruistic, be content,
 be clever, be crazy, be brave, be independent,
 be helpful, be satisfied, be reaching, be lasting,
be healthy, be dreaming, be wishing, be happening,
 be on trend, be yourself, be childlike, be mystified,
 be young at heart, be steady, be divine, be delicious,
 be a good friend, be a good mother, be a good father,
be a good,
be playful, be quiet, be still, be within,
  be lieve in yourself.

              Happy Holidays!              


Catherine Fishback said...

Beautiful message, thanks for sharing!

Happy Holidays!

FEST (food, style, travel)

Idea Interiors Mtl said...

Thank you Catherine, I'm a new blogger, always nice to see somebody is reading me:)
All the best on the last day of this year! :) At least here in Montreal.