Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crush of the day

(desk of Kelley Carter, senior market editor at Real Simple)

Knowing how much I love interiors and how they inspire, couldn't help but share this terrific find.

A terrific pinboard made of a simple fabric and a cork board backing will do the trick as outlined here via Lonny Magazine.

An easy project even for those of us that are technically challenged : a staple gun or adhesive for fabric, fabric, cork board, and a piece of hard wood or backing. Presto! You have a unique pinboard to inspire you, where you can house your scraps of to do lists, or beautiful images to inspire you whether they be holiday destinations or upcoming projects.

It also allows you to be more organized.  Ofcourse not everybody's desk is as neat at this one, but don't  forget this is a photo shoot after all. You'd cleanup too!


 (desk of Kelley Carter, senior market editor at Real Simple)

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Anonymous said...

Cool desk - want to create a pinboard like that one - now it seems to easy!