Monday, January 21, 2013

Dining rooms to die for!

A man's gotta eat!  Doesn't he?

Well if he does then what better spot to sit down and savor an excellent meal,
or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, than one of these lovely dining rooms or eat in kitchens?

Some MAD MEN vibes above.

Fit for a king or queen, these dining areas inspire with formality yet warmth.  

An eat in kitchen and banquette add coziness and plenty of space for kids to do their homework or 
even to set down a laptop  and do some work at home.

Wallpaper in black and white adds to the otherwise mono toned kitchen.

The over sized chandeliers make me swoon, oddly the next two images have a sense of  'country school feel'.

The arc lamp a classic albeit unusual in the dining room adds an interesting overhead
 feature and lighting as well.

The next few images feature white chairs and mix and match dining sets - ofcourse have you noticed - 
all of the photos featured are mix n match. 
 Love the selective way things are put together, yet look exactly as they should look. 
Pulled together like a designer outfit!

Ghost chairs, a comet like chandelier - and two side by side floor to ceiling mirrors that
make the dining area look triple it's size.
Pow!  Smacks of style!

A little bit updated 'country' feel here.

Some more colorful mixes below - interesting strong hues in the artwork and gorgeous unusual chandeliers!

Love the tiered chandelier and clean lines of the kitchen and dining room combo.

By now you know that grey is the new black, but there is nothing 'grey or dull' about this look.
I gotta have it!

Enjoy & Bon Apetit!


Kelly Wade said...

Wow these rooms are absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to the day when I get to decorate my own home and bring in some personal styles. I love the looks of both rustic country and bold colors. I think for a dining room a rustic kind of look makes it feel homey and comfortable which is perfect for an area that you gather with family and friends to enjoy conversation. Beautiful pictures!

Susan Cooper said...

I love these rooms. They have such beautiful crisp lines and gorgeous chandeliers. I absolutely love interior design and find so much personality in these rooms. :-)

Angela McCall said...

WOW...I wish I have a house like this!!! But that is a DREAM house. Loved all your interiors here. :)