Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Table Scape

Holidays are daunting! They crep up on you and then take over your entire life. From gift buying to groceries to cooking and invites - our schedules are packed. In the hulabaloo of all this we often forget to create a cheerful table setting, or don’t have the time. Here is some inspiration for you for the coming festivities!

Some tips and pointers:Use what you have around the house. Table settings can be mixed so that it adds to the festivities. Think of your use of color.

Use inexpensive things to set your table. I have used everything from news paper to wrapping paper that was left over to create table seatings.

Consider lighting and it’s effect. Candles are always a big winner. Dimmers are a plus.

Music is a must. Find the right music and have it saved on your ipod or cd player. Select the right playlist for the mood. In the early part of the evening, something light and festive, during dinner perhaps something more low key then kick it up during the dancing and partying!

 For no-fuss, these settings are perfect!

Below, an inexpensive way to bring in the holiday spirit - a branch found in the local park or forest serves as a center piece.


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