Saturday, December 21, 2013

Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating

The holidays are underway - and like it or not, we're all wrapping gifts, preparing
 meals for huge gatherings, and unfortunately we’re probably leaving decor to the last minute!
Here are some images to inspire you to create a lovely ambience fora your guests and family!
This easy styling above, chalk, a blackboard and some glass vessells containing
marshmallows and cinnamon sticks! Easy! And on a dime! That's my style!

 Snow flakes don't have to be outside only, here they are strung on pretty acqua
 ribbons and cascade behind the bed.  Skates are used to add a touch of whimsy
as well, they too are laced with acqua ribbon to tie the theme together.



Here a hefty branch with holes drilled into it becomes a chandelier when strung
 from the ceiling with rope.  Inexpensive and what a mood setter!

 I just love these whimsical wings.  Inexpensively done via a dollar store find.

  These stars can be used to inject a holiday spirit, but don't forget
to pull them out again in the summer as well on your porch or patio.

An inexpensive idea, candles in mason jars, and easily available epsom salts. Wow! 
 Fresh bows of green drape over the mantle in an unconventional way. Notice the pears ?

 Touches of aqua bring an unusual tone that makes any room happier.


Cake platters and vases are put to good use by placing a variety of similar colored Christmas baubles into them.  They create easy centerpieces and can be changed from year to year with great ease!

Enjoy and get inspired!

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