Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Wreaths

A warm welcome on your front door makes not only guests happy, but you too each time you come face to face with it!

This easy do it yourself Christmas ornament one is a classic.

Believe it or not this vintage beauty is hand made via
Click to go to source! Wow factor worth a million!

Have an old dog-earred book, but out the pages roll them into
rosettes and you'll have yourself a very unique wreath above.
Tissue paper do it yourself project - anybody can!  Even you!
These next few cool unique wreaths are all do it yourself projects - in fact - you can make all of these come to think of it!

Pages from books, felt balls, vines and candy were used to
stylize them straight to the heart! 
If you can glue it on - you can use it.

A lovely green moss wreath - lively -
and organic below or branches that are used
when still fresh and allowed to dry above.

Got some old outdated even perhaps Christmas
decorations use them to make a wreath like this colorful one.

Your children can help you make this one - with peppermint candies - sweet!

Fresh and inexpensive chrysanthemums for a white Christmas perhaps?

The easy go-to, green foliage that you can snip from your gardens - if you're not from northern climates.

Old books or magazine pages clipped and shaped
into cones - some glue and voila.
 The rosette is made with the same materials.

Dollar store finds can help you out on the cheap -
with lively pink tulips doing their duty here.


Happy Holidays to all!


Julia T said...

beautiful! thanks for good ideas. my best is the one with the christmas balls.
i came fron the blog

Anonymous said...

Elena,I love your blog. You have to continue. We are not enough decoration bloggers in Québec and we need you !

Noodles said...

Love this entry -keep it up darling!

Idea Interiors said...

Hi Stephanie - love to hear that! Will do!