Tuesday, May 27, 2014

12 Summertime Inspirations for your backyard!

Living in a northern climate has its' challenges doesn't it?  
Having Mediterranean blood running through my veins makes it doubly so.  
I adore the summer months, when you can smell the flowers , freshly cut grass,
 barbecues sizzling, and small dinner parties in the back yard!

With Canadian winters being long and hard, I try to take advantage of the good weather 
wherever possible.  Evenings in the outdoors can be even more challenging of course, given
 that  the chilly air sets in as soon as the sun starts to settle.

Today's entry is about how to create these warm environments in your own back yard, 
by giving you some delicious snapshots to give you direction and inspiration.

Don't be discouraged, you don't have to spend a bundle
 to create a warm ambiance, remember, you can purchase a fire pit, or build one, or even
 buy a small propane gas fire pit.

Above the chartreuse and grey furnishings are cool and soft, pillows are combination
 of smaller prints.  The coffee table does double duty as both table and foot rest when 
the tray is removed.  The sleek low gas fireplace runs the length of the terrace.  
The facade of the fireplace is unobtrusive although it towers above the sitting area.

This is a terrific example of how to create intimacy in tight spaces.  
The sleek furnishings on teak flooring on the rooftop are warmed up by
 the concrete gas fire pit.  You can create this look in an instant!

This is a great example of how you can create even more seating than you might ever need, 
by creating a ledge seating of concrete, that you then can have covered by pillows made to 
measure in any fabric you would like!  The ledge actually creates the designated area of the 
seating area.  In this seating the shaker style table is low key,  the outdoor wicker chairs in 
 great for taking a beating in the hot sun, or rainy days.  
The concrete wood burning fireplace is just the piece de la resistance.  
The scent of wood burning on a chilly night? Nothing beats that!

If more exotic is your fancy, this is a great mix and match setting.  
The director chairs in chocolate brown, wooden recliners, zebra print pillows and rug, 
along with the middle eastern fire pit, create a very exotic look and feel.
Here again the fire pit if a wood burning one, so you can have it 'all' on a budget!

A modern concrete facade dwarfs the seating area in this lush backyard.  
The black and white furnishings are awarded a pop of color with the 
 garden seats in lush citrus colors.  The fire place is blanked by tall planters that 
soften the harsh look of the concrete.

Hankering for  a more classic look?   
Nothing beats black wrought iron, a staple for every 
classic back yard!  A classic garden setting here with wrought iron 
furnishings that flank the coffee table in both of these settings.

My favorite one of all here!    The huge facade of the fire place looms above, but the 
fire is low and close to guests seating.  A Scandinavian style is created with the white
and light colored wooden chairs.   The  circular metal table breaks the conforming and
 also allows guests to circulate easily around the  space.

A slight variation on the setting above, this one is created using a fire place created in
 the grown.  The ceramic outdoor tiles are lovingly separated by low shrubbery.  
Great for intimate chatter late into the night.

The minimal feel here is still warm despite the stark look.

For those of you who can't do without the soap opera, diy television or cnn, this setting 'rocks'!
A mix and match setting of different textures in the chairs and sofa still works because the netural colours pull everything 'together'!  

Whether warm and embellished, zen and calm, or modern and minimal, the fireplace adds
 the warmth to each of these looks and settings, and the beauty of it is it can be had 
irregardless of your budget.

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