Saturday, July 12, 2014

10 Design tricks for your city terrace!

If you’re an urban city lover, then like me you have a very limited space to enjoy on your city
 terrace or balcony.  Yet, small doesn't necessarily have to mean drab.  With a larger space the challenge
  is creating the intimacy.  The small space already has this to its’ advantage.  
Creating a cozy , warm intimate ambiance is a cinch in a tight space.  
This is exactly what you should
 be shooting for, irregardless of the limitations of the space.  
When my clients say I don’t have 
enough space, my first challenge is to help them to use their space to their advantage!

Think vertical!  Here we have an ingenious inexpensive way of creating a trellis
 overhead, a way to create shade, and green space!  Easily achieved by stringing together some
 bamboo rods and flexible slats of wood or plastic that you can easily buy at a 
renovation store.  Thinking outside the box can generate terrific results!

Container gardening is another way to put your limited space to good use.  
Not enough space means using every inch as shown here, where the owner used the walls to house pretty pots.

Love the scent of herbs, well you’re in luck cause they can do very well in a sunny 
environment as long as they have enough water.    I love this idea of the ‘pockets’ housing herbs
.  Snip with a pair of scissors and you have a great pitcher of lemonade with mint leaves,
 or a salad with cilantro.  Ingenious don’t you think? Yum. 

Don’t let the concrete jungle intimidate you either, you can easily camouflage a concrete 
balcony with ceramic tile (glued to sheets of wood so that you can easily bring it with you 
if you’re renting!), or slats of wood that interlock as shown here!  Again the slats weren't
 limited to the floor, but were used vertically to house plants.  

 Don’t let everybody else dictate what you want your space to be!  Below, the entire space
is taken up by this round lounger!  And why not? It should be what suits your comfort level, 
budget and lounging style!

Below also the interlocking wood slats were used, creating a clean surface for the throw
 pillows.  Why not create an additional ‘living area’. Have an old piece of furniture? Bring
 it outside and with a bright hue it will set the mood for summer living.  

Seating that is easily hidden away means hammock!  Hanging to the right is a bright
 fuchsia hammock. Now there’s a way to take advantage of a tight space.  Put it away
 once you’re done with it, otherwise swing and sway in it any time of the day or night!  
Notice how the plants are kept off the floor and draw the eye upward so that there is 
still a feeling of lush greenery in a city setting?

Get down!  This is the idea behind having low slung furniture and pillows.  
Everybody enjoys getting down to basics in tight spaces after a few drinks, when the
 stars are out, whether over mint tea or mint juleps – this setting is ideal for cozy evenings.

Take advantage of your ‘walls’ even if they’re shared with a a nosy neighbor.  
Here every inch was put to good use by putting a ‘backless’ sofa up against the
 wooden separator as shown above and below.

There is nothing like a little surprise when entering an enchanted garden setting.  
Think unusual finds, or even junk.  Here we have an unusual piece of furniture
 probably a discarded medicine cabinet which works like a terrific terrarium!  These 
types of pieces are easily found at flea market, thrift stores, or even on the curb. 
 Think outside the box and take a leap of faith.   Every time  I have done this it has turned 
out to be a conversation piece, with people always amazed at what I find in the trash!   

Play a game of high low, one inexpensive piece of ‘trash’, next to terrific lush fabrics
on your pillows or throw cushions, or even a rich rug underfoot.  
One works off the other, to create an interesting non cookie cutter look.  Be unique, 
take hints from magazines that make you see things through an unusual lens.

The ingredients of these simple balcony recipes, can make every space come alive,
 potted plants, a colorful rug underfoot, some mix and match cushions, chairs, coffee
 table or pedestal table, an umbrella for shade.  In each of these settings you can see
 how the simplest space comes alive by mixing with the appropriate items.

Always dreamt of having a picket fence?  The city life can't stop you from having that - 
as shown here!Don’t let color intimidate you, a sweetly patterned rug,  a turquoise set of
 pillows stand out, summer is short, take advantage of it!  Here   a few colorful  rugs are 
thrown atop each other to create a sense of ‘kasbah’ in the city.

Take cover!  Don't have the luxury of the upper floor creating enough shade from 
the harmful and scorching rays of summer?  Here we have a twist on the run of the mill 
awning with it's billowing lats it allows for more of a relaxed feel and allows for air as well to circulate.
  Take a cue from above also for the use of trellis boards to create not only privacy, but
 some shade if paired with eager growing plants that like to ramble.

This vibrant colored water feature is a fabulous way to create yet another layer and
 also to tune out the traffic from nearby boulevards or neighbors as well.  It is as easy 
as purchasing a small pump and a pot that will hold water.  Any home renovation shop
 can tell you how to  achieve this.

Don't let summer run away from you - keep it in your tiny terrasse for as long as possible!


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