Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do it yourself & Upcycle



 Having just returned from an awesome weekend in Maine, I am just amazed at how many things you can find by the road side antique and junk dealers, that you can ingeniously use in your home to create inventive spaces.  Liket his old windmill found God knows where. Wish i could find me one!
A track modified by being placed on a pair of steel legs I imagine, instant sideboard!  Cheap and easy!

Some beuatiful medallions, you can get these relatively inexpensively now a days...
Here are some entries that I found online today to show you what I am talking about. This week, I will be posting some photos of my trip to Maine and beautiful scenes or finds that I found fascinating, that I will print and post in my own home.
A Mad Men styled table wiht an applique of pink wallpaper cuttings. 
You can get these in all kinds of condition now a days in plenty of junk shops, a spray can in a
baby pink here is the cat's meow.
Using what you find fascinating makes a space unique, eclectic and shows that you have your own personality and are not just another run of the mill home owner.  It is what allows your space to stand out, and fascinate those that visit.
Here pages from old books added to the wall in a mish mash style create an interesting wordy backdrop.

Everybody is into these vintage shaped letters, here putting them inside frames with wallpaper or perhaps even some pretty wrapping paper gives them even more punch.

Unleash your imagination - and call your home a masterpiece!

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